To facilitate your browsing experience in the eklektikastore shop, here are some suggestions; it is understood that, if you need clarification, we will be happy to answer your questions that you can forward through the form contact us, the email address, by telephone or other media that are available.
The shop is divided into some main categories, found in the top menu, are: rhinestones, hotfix film, t-shirt, wholsale. To view the sub-categories, use the mouse or click on the relevant buttons (depending on the type of device used).
Product availability is always indicated in product detail and if a product is not available the 'add to cart' button is deactivated, so it will not be possible to purchase products that are not available.
Drawings, written names and various decorations made with thermo-adhesive rhinestones can be requested when not available; for example if you do not find the name you are looking for or is not in the measure or font you need, you can request it using the available media: mail, contact form, telephone etc., within max 2-3 days you can have it after having seen graphic and preventive tests.
It is also possible to purchase without registration, during the check out phase using the quick form of data compilation, these will be used only for the fulfillment of the order and will need to be repeated at any future purchase.
Registering on the site, compared to the quick checkout, allows you to have some advantages at a promotional level as well as the speed of filling out orders after the first one.

An email will report each order progress status, with the last one you will have the shipment tracking update.
The search on the site can be done navigating between the categories or from the form 'search'; starting to type in the first letters of the searched word a drop-down list will appear with the correspondences available on the site.
Those who work behind the computer are people and as such can make mistakes or fail to achieve the necessary clarity, for this reason your reports on the subject, which can improve your experience and that of other users, are always welcome.
Finally a request: after your purchase you dedicate a few seconds of your time to leave a review on the product purchased, if you are accustomed to online purchases will not escape the importance of a review on the product or on the purchase experience, it is certainly useful for other users to have a reference from who has had the opportunity to view the product.
Thanks for reading, good purchase!
Sabina Luciani

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