Eklektika is the online shop for thermoadhesive

rhinestone decorations; creation of customized

thermoadhesives for companies, associations

and individuals; sale of materials for decoration

and hobby.

Realization of T-shirts with rhinestones and / or

thermal print without minimum purchase


Eklektika is a company that creates customized thermoadhesive rhinestone applications, made according to the choices of both private and corporate customers; in the online store you will find the direct sale of ready-to-apply rhinestone applications, of materials for decoration and hobby; for the creation of promotional or customized t-shirts with rhinestones or thermal printing for companies or individuals, just contact us by mail, telephone or message.

They come to us: sports associations, especially gymnastics or dance, for decorations to be applied to leotards or shirts; companies that want to decorate their workwear or promotional t-shirts with rhinestone logos; private for the creation of names and rhinestone writings to give a distinctive character to the events of their life or their children (birth, communion, wedding ..) or for the most common decorations: t-shirts, aprons, backpacks ..

Rhinestone decorations can be a convenient and quick substitute for hand embroidered decorations. With the simple iron, in a few seconds, you can customize a blanket, a towel, a sheet, just to give a few examples.

In addition to thermoadhesives, which can be applied hot on fabrics and other porous surfaces, we have a category of adhesives with rhinestones that can be applied on non-porous surfaces such as glass, metal, plastic .. also in this case customizable on request.

On the site you will find an area dedicated to the blog where you can find tutorials or simple suggestions and ideas to copy or to be inspired by, an area dedicated to the store where you can buy products already available or those that will be added following your requests directly online.

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