Realization of hotfix rhinestone logos in crystal, glass or studded rhinestones. For companies, sports or cultural associations, bars, restaurants, shops, groups of any kind or private You can apply your logo of rhinestones on promotional t-shirts or work clothes, accessories or objects that you made. For an estimate and a free draft graphic write an email or use contact form; if you have your own graphic logo send it as an attachment, indicate a reference measure, length or height.
You can apply them with a simple domestic iron or with a heat press.
There are no minimum quantities required, only one piece can be requested; prices based on quantity, rhinestone quality and design,
It is possible to create your company logo or a logo of which you have the right or authorization to use it.

To request a graphic draft and relative estimate, use the contact details: contact form, email address, telephone, etc.
From the form 'contact us' you can also attach an image file if you would like to have a quote based on the graphics of a logo that you have already developed. You can create both writing and drawings, with rhinestones of one or more measures and one or more colors. Rhinestones: Swarovski, Preciosa, Aroshirva, Koreani; studs: faceted, flat, dome, shapes ...


logo PDC

logo cheerleaders

logo ranch

logo associazione sportiva strass associazione ginnastica strass

logo strass Notissime

logo strass fitness burlesque

scritta Tango

logo kikia

logo charme et bijoux

logo atelier non solo sposa

logo E45 strass

logo baldini strass

logo le vanità strass

logo nueva clave strass

logo blu bike strass

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