Rhinestone Letters

rhinestone letters and initials

The application is very simple, follow the instructions published in our blog eklektika.

Rhinestones or studs letters: Italics or block letters, uppercase or lowercase letters. Monograms that can be created on request for size and font that you can choice. Rhinestone cipher to customize clothing, accessories or home decor. Beyond the present size it is possible to request custom size and colors. To have letters in other fonts. Send a request from contact form or email address.

BH lettere maiuscole BH lettere maiuscole 2
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Rhinestone Letters

BH lettere maiuscole

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alfabeto lettere maiuscole, font bradley hand, altezza da 2 a 2,4 cm, strass termoadesivi ss10, colore a scelta
hotfix rhinestone Caps letter L Swarovski EV48
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Rhinestone Letters

Capital Letter L English V. H48

Swarovski rhinestones col. crystal, ss16-ss20Letter L height 4,8 cm width 5.8 cm
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